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Tribute to a Mentor: Mar Rosquites

Some elves from the first batch of figures I had commissioned for painting. Most of what I post to this blog comes from a place of joy, but this is a post of sadness mixed with gratitude. It was inspired by the final entry to a long-standing blog by Mar Rosquites , who started out as my commission painter and who I eventually considered a mentor and even friend. I credit him with being key to my entrée to the hobby of miniatures gaming. Back in 2016 when I stumbled upon a box of unassembled Warhammer Fantasy Regiments in my basement that had inadvertently escaped the Great Games Purge of 2007 , I cast about for a way to get a little game in with them, miniatures gaming being something I was always interested in but never had the time, income, or friends needed to explore. A scan of that first box of miniatures I sent Mar to paint. After much online research, I stumbled upon an old advert that Mar had posted on The Miniatures Page years earlier that indicated I may act

Painting through the Pandemic (Part I)

Although I've been socially isolating and working from home for six weeks, my work hasn't really slowed down. In fact, if anything, working at an international financial NGO has meant my day job has become more stressful and frenetic these past several weeks as the pandemic has spurred on a massive global recession, just the sort of thing my employer was created to help address. But for my own sanity, I have made time to do a bit of gaming online with friends, including a cameo turn in a session of my friend Rich's ongoing Empire of the Petal Throne  campaign, and a session of his  Middle Earth Role Playing game that seems to be turning into a standing Sunday afternoon game. Steve Braun and I got in a game of TSR's Battlesystems (2nd ed.),  played remotely via streaming video from his dining room, as well as a go at a cooperative scenario recently released for Conan: The Board Game (Monolith). I’ve been waiting to play MERP since 1984. Good times sneaking ar