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Painting the Ruins of Glendale Village

I back too many Kickstarters. Or, I did for a spell, at least. I've since scaled back quite a bit after a few too many board games arrived, often a year or so later than promised, and then have sat unopened on my shelves.

One Kickstarter I am glad I backed, however, is Nord Games' Ruins of Glendale Village. I backed it before getting a 3D printer for my birthday last year, but I think I'd still back it today, given the high quality of the pieces and very reasonable price. I opted for their "Journeymen" pledge level, which netted me two hefty four-piece unpainted sets of scatter terrain ("Set 1: Shacks & Guard Tower" and "Set 2: Abandoned Church"), and I supplemented those with three or four of their add-on pieces. The pre-painted versions pictured on their Kickstarter page looked fine, but not better than anything I felt I could easily accomplish on my own, and so decided I'd rather stretch my dollar by picking up more pieces and putt…

Origin Story! Scrum Con 2019

When: Feb. 16, 2019
Where: Davis Hall in College Park, Maryland
Register Here! I like bringing people together. So, I guess it was only a matter of time before I decided I needed to persuade my game group, the Second Saturday Scrum Club, that we should organize our own gaming convention.

I'm a bit taken aback that, after months of planning, the first-ever Scrum Con is now just three weeks in the offing!

To give credit where due, I landed on the idea last January after attending Barrage, a small convention organized by the HAWKs (Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers). I'd gotten to know a few of its members in 2017, when I played in some of their games at the much larger Historicon and Fall In conventions, and appreciated their congenial gaming style and hospitality toward a wargaming neophyte like myself.

At the very next Scrum Club gathering I tossed the idea out there to the gang, and because nobody shot it down, it slowly started to take root in my mind as something we might be…