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The Fun and the Fury: Mad Maximilian 1934

I've been so busy at work these past couple of weeks that I have had no time to prepare a proper recap of our most recent Second Saturday Scrum Club gathering at which we took Maximilian 1934 out for a test spin. I'm sure that there are trademark issues preventing the game's designers, Mana Press, from calling it Mad Maximilian 1934 , but that will be how I will always refer to it because fuck the corporate overlords at Warner Bros. Entertainment. Unfortunately, I am still completely overwhelmed with work deadlines, so this post will be short on verbiage and long on photos from our game. Check out fellow Scrum Clubber Walt O'Hara's blog post for a fuller game night summary, with the extra insights he brings as the person who organized it for our club to play. All of the cars, terrain, and miniatures in these photos are his handiwork, and they were a delight to play with on what was a fun break from our usual skirmish-level battles. In attendance was