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Lost City of Azermathy (Ares)

There are never enough game days. After a gaming drought in the summer and early fall, I've striven to make up for the lost months, most recently by staging a scrum across my dining room table this past Saturday evening. My longtime friends Matt, Jared, and Francesco joined me on the field of battle as we tried out a "new" set of skirmish rules entitled Ares . Alas, they are only new to me, as I believe the first edition of these rules was published around 1999, and the most recent and only update came out a short time later in 2002. I discovered them when I had the good fortune of stumbling upon a late night unscheduled zombie game in progress at Fall In last month (see pictures of that game in my Fall In recap post ). Those gamers informed me that they had used the Ares core skirmish rules to develop their home-brewed zombie variant. My curiosity piqued, I purchased my own PDF copy of Ares . Ares is designed for historical and fantasy skirmish-level engagements