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Run from the Dead: Sellswords & Spellslingers' Zombie Forebearer

Being October, it was time for the Second Saturday Scrum Club to play its seasonal horror game, a reprise of RUN FROM THE DEAD. Brains were eaten, good times were had... In the summer of 2017, Andrea Sfiligoi of Ganesha Games invited me to playtest a set of cooperative miniatures rules on which he had been working named Run from the Dead . The timing was perfect because I had been preparing a zombie apocalypse game for a few months. I had already purchased and found lacking lots of rules in this genre, so I was excited to see some from the designer whose game introduced me to the wargaming hobby, Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes . Although the rules and cards he shared with me for playtesting were not exactly complete and a bit disorganized (they were admittedly still very much in development on his end), even at this somewhat germinal stage the game combined Sfiligoi's hallmarks of simplicity and innovation that always attract me to his game design. I closely studied t