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Announcing Scrum Con 2021

REGISTER NOW Although we can see a day sometime later this year when the pandemic might finally loosen its clutches on all of us gamers longing to meet around the table, for most of us that time looks like a few month in the offing. When 2021 began and the Second Saturday Scrum Club didn't have our usual Scrum Con to look forward to in February, we decided we just couldn't let the year go by without holding some sort of gaming event, even if we had to make it a virtual one. Held on the last weekend of February,  Scrum Con 2020 managed to sneak in just before the pandemic hit, and we came out of that event with all sorts of enthusiasm for continuing to grow Scrum Con in our new location at the Silver Spring Civic Center. We're going to continue to work toward that goal in 2022, but we just can't stand the thought of skipping a year and not hosting something under the Scrum Con banner in 2021. For those of you who have been simply too far away to travel to Washington,