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The Battle of Four Armies

On the Saturday evening over Thanksgiving weekend, we managed to get in a couple of skirmishes across my dining room table. John brought a number of his painted miniatures (mostly cavalry and foot soldiers), and we combined them with a variety of figures from my collection so that he could teach me, Jared , and Zach how to play Dragon Rampant . It's only the second time I've played something akin to a "mass battle" game in which you're moving around trays of units rather than individual figures (the first being the castle siege game I played a couple of weeks back at Fall In ). While you can't afford to get attached to "characters" as one might in a game such as Song of Blades and Heroes , it's great fun moving large clumps of troops across the terrain and throwing them against an enemy formation. As for how the battles unfolded, John was quick to the keyboard and already got his after-action report of our first skirmish posted on his b