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Dungeon Delve: When First Rooms Are Last

Passion and tenacity. That's ninety percent of seeing projects like this through to completion. I'm nothing if not determined, so to that end, I organized yet another playtest of my head-to-head skirmish rules for dungeon crawling (earlier playtest and game design discussions here and here ). I started the rules in late 2016, completely revamped the core mechanics in early 2018, and feel as if I've been perpetually tinkering with both the rules and the content of the initial scenario, "The Crypt of Mighty Lord Thule," up until earlier today. I presume I'll know what finished looks like when I see it, but I'm not there yet. In this past weekend's game, we limited the delving parties to just two this time, which is actually what the game best accommodates (we've tried a couple of times with three separate parties making the foray, but that results in a bit of downtime for one team). Rich McKee and I divvied up the characters for the Stank Gang