Fall In 2018: New Friends, Old Enemies

I made the pilgrimage to Lancaster, Pa. again last weekend to attended my second Fall In convention, and I had a good time catching up with recently made friends, playing cool games, and once again running my "Beyond the Black River" adaptation using the Sellswords & Spellslingers rules.

Unlike the mad dash to ready my Conan game in the run up to Historicon last summer, the pre-convention scramble this time revolved around getting two other projects into shape to properly promote at the con.
The first project involved pulling together the loose ends to finally launch my long-in-the-works miniatures company, Above the Fray Miniatures, and the Kickstarter for our first set of figures in what I've dubbed the "Icons of Pulp Fantasy" series.

I wrote about this in some detail recently [recap], for those who like "origin stories." The Kickstarter still has nine days left to go, but I'm excited to say that it fully funded in its first four hours. In …
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