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'Scrum Club TV' Launches, plus Scrum Con Profiled on 'Tankard Talk'

We don't typically shoot video for our Second Saturday Scrum Club gatherings, but I got tired of seeing those Little Wars TV fellas getting all of the glory, so we're launching our own Scrum Club TV.
I've been impressed by the industrious guys at Little Wars TV, their really cool renovated club house, and the fact that they seduced away Miles Reidy to their ranks just before I had a chance to recruit him as a member of the Second Saturday Scrum Club. Although they seem much more interested in historicals than most of the members of the Scrum Club, I get a real sense that we're kindred spirits, at least in regards to having some really talented members who like to augment the club's gaming with related extra curricular activities.
Their Little Wars TV YouTube channel was an inspiration for us to launch something similar that we're calling Scrum Club TV. The plan is to shoot and cut a video after our monthly gatherings that will likely be a post mortem of the ga…
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Take the High Road: Making Cheap and Easy Dirt Roads

I have wanted some good roads to add to my games for a while now. My first attempt was a couple of years ago when my standards were a bit lower and I wasn't sure how much I was interested in investing in this new hobby. I bought some PDFs of cobblestone roads that I sized, printed, and glued to felt. The result was okay, but the way my laser printer  produced the roads ended up being quite reflective to the point of almost being glossy looking. The combination of glue, paper, and felt also meant the roads had a wavy consistency and almost always curled at the edges. I used them once or twice but was never happy with them.

I've been meaning to take another crack at making some roads now that I have more terrain-making experience under my belt and find the process less intimidating. If I had to pass on any advice to newcomers to terrain making it would be to watch a number of YouTube tutorials or check out a site like my pal John's 1,000 Foot General, and then just jump in …

The Great Games Purge: A Tale of Loss, Folly, and Redemption

Around the time I entered college in the late 1980s, my up-to-then lifelong gaming pals dispersed geographically, and if we did cross paths again (some of us didn't), our time was usually spent in Olympian bouts of drinking, smoking, and trying to impress young women (sometimes successfully if transiently, more often in vain). Playing euchre, a card game that meshed better with drinking and smoking all night, became the default gaming pastime in college instead of role playing games.

I did, however, spend my senior year of high school and first semesters of college (circa 1987-90) as the weekend manager in a comics and games store in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio, and so I was still very much surrounded by gaming geekery. And being located a few minutes from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base meant that a fair number of airmen would frequent our shop, often divesting themselves of their amassed collections for a bit of cash when they got tired of hauling their games to whichever new po…