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Zenopus, Rolemaster Robin Hood, and Core Space

Although this blog has been quiet for the past several months, it has not been from a lack of gaming activity on my part. In fact, I have a backlog of about 10 posts that I should try to get up in one form or another, including recaps of last November's trip to the HMGS Fall In convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the announcement of Scrum Con 2023 , several games played with my pal Mar Rosquites in his Moria Reclamation Project , a multitude of games played when I spent two weeks as a pseudo-bachelor in September, and a many months long fantasy wargame campaign I co-organized for the Scrum Club last summer and fall.  I think it was the latter that sadly sapped my resolve to keep up with the blog and my unofficial schedule of posting at least once a month, if not more often. Even with a collaborator in friend Jared Smith, the campaign took a lot out of me: the writing and preparation for the sessions required a tremendous amount of time and effort, and then some folks in the clu
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Dire Tidings at Klanên-Rühen (Thud & Blunder)

  Wyrmwood Modular Wargaming Table A day I've been waiting two years to arrive finally came: the delivery of the Wyrmwood war gaming table I ordered.  Ellen and I were in the middle of planning our long-desired renovations to the kitchen and dining room when Wyrmwood launched its Kickstarter for its tables back in 2020. I sorta offhandedly mentioned there was a Kickstarter about to launch for some cool custom tables purpose-built for gaming, mostly to point out the outer reaches of the hobby's accoutrements. I was going to have her quickly look at the website over my shoulder and then let it drop entirely. Much to my surprise she immediately suggested we get one and just roll it into our budget for the home renovations.  Ellen has always been completely supportive of my hobby, seeing how much pleasure it brings me, but even I was taken aback by her willingness to suggest we make this not-insubstantial purchase. I'll say it here again: she's the best.  I would never have