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Wargaming in the Time of COVID-19

I went in with low expectations about what this experience would be like, and I left very pleasantly surprised by how much much fun I had with fellow Scrum Clubber Steve Braunplaying a game of Battlesystem "virtually" today using streaming video via Facebook.

Steve set up everything on his dining room table, and he would occasionally pick up the camera at my request (or to clarify his own move) and move it around the table so I could get a better sense of positioning in various parts of the battlefield. I'd give him orders, roll dice on my end, and we went back and forth from there.

Battlesystem (2nd ed.) is a lot of fun, and while a clear descendant of Chainmail, it does have a bit more rules overhead that we are still grappling with. We'll have to dig into the rulebook a bit more to make sure we're getting correct the costs for certain kinds of movement and changing formations. So, though a bit more complicated than Chainmail, it also adds a lot of much-needed …
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Scrumlandia: The Start of Something Special?

The Second Saturday Scrum Club played another game of Chainmail this weekend, after having such a swell time back in January when Keith Sloan ran his "Battle of Emridy Meadows" scenario for us using the rules.

But first we spent an hour and a half brainstorming and “blue-skying” how we might cobble together our own Braunstein-esque RPG/wargame campaign, discussing how we might borrow concepts and mechanics from a variety of sources spanning the entire gamut of fantasy gaming’s history, from Arneson’s Blackmoor and Gygax's Castle & Crusades Society games to a variety of RPG systems over the decades that have attempted to incorporate "domain" creation and management rules up to what we're able to glean from the blog postings for the upcoming Oathmark wargame system. 

Rich brought over a slew of different RPG systems we might want to consider for the sessions in the campaign in which we scale down to that level of action. We've also revived an occasional…