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Scrum Club Goes 'To the Strongest!'

  For the September gathering of the Second Saturday Scrum Club , seven of the nine official members managed to attend either the first or the second of the day's games. At 1:00 p.m. I put the board game Battlestations on the table, a game I bought during the pandemic in anticipation of playing with the club once we all could gather in person again. The main event, however, is always our 4:30 game, and this month the club tried another set of wargaming rules new to most of us, To the Strongest! John and Steve organized the game and taught the rest of us the rules. To the Strongest! The Scrum Club sometimes flagellates itself for a bit of ADHD when it comes to jumping from one ruleset to the next from month to month. In the four years we've been meeting, I think we've only once played the same set of rules in two consecutive months ( Chainmail in January and February of 2020). In fact, that's the only set of rules we've played more than once at an official Scrum Clu
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Schlock Around the Clock: More Sci-Fi Shenanigans

We sent in the Schlock Troopers once again last weekend to give John S. a chance to test out some new Star Schlock character profiles that he wants to include in an upcoming secret project as well as test a new approach to asymmetrical and dynamic missions for each team.  Conceptually the approach to the mission cards is novel and allows players to revise their goals in response to developments in the game. It'll take quite a bit of playing and tinkering with these mission cards (each team chooses three, and then uses or discards them in different ways as the game proceeds) to get the kinks worked out, but they are already quite promising. It's a mechanism unlike any I've encountered, and it addresses some of the concerns we had in the last playtest game around mission objectives.  A simpler version of this asymmetrical missions mechanism was part of the very first playtest game I did with John about three years ago, and then it disappeared from most subsequent playtests.