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Lost Art of D&D No. 3: Cynthia Sims Millan

  I've always found this to be an especially evocative piece.  I've only ever known it from the article on the Anti-Paladin NPC from  The Dragon  #39 (1980), but I've discovered that it was actually originally drawn three years earlier for a plate depicting the Lord of the Nazgul in a 1977  Lord of the Rings  portfolio. The artist, Cynthia Sims Millan , was not credited in that issue's editorial box, and her signature was obviously deliberately excised from the artwork itself (see above plate and below page from The Dragon ). At the very least this was extremely poor form on TSR's part, but I can't help but wonder if they even legally owned the rights to reprint the piece. Besides this portfolio and a listing in the artist database on Board Game Geek, I could find precious little on Millan . The only games she seems associated with are a handful published by Heritage USA around 1980, and on all but one of those she seems paired with artist/graphic designer David
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Ravenfeast: Back to the Boats!

  Although we recently hosted a game of Ravenfeast to bid farewell to our friend Zeb Cook , a mere week later we were staging another Viking and Saxon battle to welcome a newcomer to Scrum Hall, Joey McGuire. Like Zeb, Joey is also a veteran GM at Scrum Con where he has run the game he created, This Is Not a Test . His convention games rank near or at the top in terms of the level of crafting on display, and his players at Scrum Con have always let us organizers know what a grand time they had playing at his table.   And also like Zeb, we bumped into Joey at last November's Historicon , and realized that we had never gotten a game in together despite living in fairly close vicinity to each other. When he overheard Steve Braun and I mention we were going to get a game of Ravenfeast on the table soon, Joey expressed interest in joining in the fun.  I had a strong intuition that Joey would fit right in with the Scrum Club gang, and I was glad my instincts proved reliable. Joey is eas