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Launching Scrum Con 2019!

When: Feb. 16, 2019
Where: Davis Hall in College Park, Maryland
Register Here! Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before I decided I needed to persuade my game group, the Second Saturday Scrum Club, that we should organize our own gaming convention.

I'm a bit taken aback that after months of planning the first-ever Scrum Con is now just three weeks in the offing!

To give credit where due, I landed on the idea last January after attending Barrage, a small convention organized by the HAWKs (Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers). I'd gotten to know a few of its members in 2017, when I played in some of their games at the much larger Historicon and Fall In conventions, and appreciated their congenial gaming style and hospitality toward a wargaming neophyte like myself.

At the very next Scrum Club gathering I tossed the idea out there to the gang, and because nobody shot it down, it slowly started to take root in my mind as something we might be able to pull off.

The biggest ch…
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