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Bridging the Gap: Scrum Con 2020 Summer Invitational

Pandemics. They're hell on one's social life and wargaming. Like so many folks, it has been months since I've seen friends in person. For the Second Saturday Scrum Club's members , we last met face to face on March 14 at Scrum Hall (a.k.a. my dining room). Since then, we've all gathered a couple of times now for virtual happy hours just to get some face time with each other and shoot the shit about gaming and life in general. We've also managed to get together in different configurations to try our hands at gaming online, including Roll20 role-playing sessions (D&D, Middle Earth Role Playing , Tekumel), webcam streamed board games (my pimped out copy of the SPI classic Citadel of Blood and Monolith's Conan ), Tabletop Simulator ( Battletech ), and most ambitiously some full-fledged tabletop miniature wargames set up in somebody's home and streamed to all of the players using webcams via Zoom (TSR's Battlesystem 2nd ed.).  One of the things I thin