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Painting Progress: Tackling More Terrain

I will not pretend to have enough readers that anybody would notice, but my posting pace has slackened this year. I'll offer the same confessional apologia that opens countless hobby blogs I read: I aspire to do better. I hope to catch up on a number of posts waiting in the wings, particularly those devoted to some of the recent Scrum Club games we held earlier this year. There are hundreds of photos from those games, the best of which I'm excited to eventually share. To help catch up with the backlog, I'll try over the next few posts to curtail some of my long-winded discussions and give the focus over to the photos, the sharing of which is mostly my motivation for even starting this blog. Jebodiah's Shack After my recent foray into painting a box full of 1/72nd scale lizard men, I deliberately went back to my comfort zone of painting larger terrain pieces. I had this piece in the pile for a year or more, picking it up when I discovered some of the cool piece