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Crazy for Khazad-Dum: Barrage 2019 Con Report

I wasn't at all certain I was going to be able to sneak off to the Barrage Convention this Saturday due to crazy work commitments this time of year, but everything fell into place on Friday to allow me to spend Saturday gaming with old friends while making some new ones. Barrage is the convention put on by the Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers ( HAWKs ), and this was something like their 23rd year organizing the event. I readily admit that the first Barrage Con I attended in January 2018 was a significant inspiration for me in proposing to my own club that we should start  Scrum Con . The HAWKs are on the whole an exceptionally amiable group of gamers, as I've written many times on this blog in the past, and I've mixed with them enough times now that I feel pretty comfortable calling them pals (whether or not the feeling is mutual). It was fun getting to bump into some of the stalwarts from the area who attend these conventions, including a few folks who either atten