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Scrum Club! In Person! Command Performance!

Fourteen months is a long time to go without seeing some of your favorite friends. On May 8, the Second Saturday Scrum Club held its first in-person gathering at Scum Hall since our March 14, 2020 game , and it was a grand time. During the pandemic, we all did our best to maintain the monthly schedule baked into the club's name, but those games were all conducted virtually, running the gamut from multi-camera tabletop wargames to Tabletop Simulator matches to role-playing games (which everybody in the club loves to play even though we are a club ostensibly devoted to wargaming). I was glad for Zoom and all of the ways we were able to stay in each other's lives for games and camaraderie (one Scrum Club happy hour stretched to three and half hours, which is a long time to hang in front of a monitor alone together).  But, as all wargamers already know, nothing beats being in the same room together, chucking dice and pushing lead soldiers across a table. We were all kinda giddy w

"Star Schlock" Astroguards Kickstarter

My friend, fellow Scrum Clubber, and Scrum Con co-conspirator John Sears has launched his first Kickstarter for a line of miniatures to be used with his upcoming game called Star Schlock . I've been playtesting the game with john for the past two or three years, and remember looking at PDFs of the earliest iteration of the rules set in an entirely different milieu. Read more about Star Schlock at John's excellent site for the game, where you can also sign up for the mailing list to stay informed of future developments. The guiding aesthetic behind Star Schlock is an evocation of those sci-fi movies and TV shows we all loved regardless of actual quality from our childhoods in the 1970s and early 1980s...stuff like Battle Beyond the Stars , Buck Rogers , and Space: 1999 , and any of a dozen Star Wars -inspired B-movie cash grabs of the era. The game is still a work-in-progress, though we've played it countless times in the Scrum Club , and John has run it at a couple of co