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The Homeless Fire Giants

New pal Zach came over Saturday night to skirmish across the dining room table. I've known Zach's wife Kerry for a few years now, as she and I are working on a Lost Art Books volume together. Saturday was the first time Zach and I got to hang out, despite corresponding for a while now, usually about cool bands (Superchunk, Guided by Voices) or the excellent scholarly work he produces on his blog devoted to Holmes-era (1977-80) Dungeons & Dragons, Zenopus Archives. I gave him a quick run through on the basic rules for our game of Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes, and then we dove into the scenario I prepared (below).

The Homeless Fire Giants (scenario) A mysterious earthquake leveled the fire giants' keep at the base of the stony spine of the Barrier Peaks, killing all inside its halls except for Frinn, his mistress Brina, and three of their pet dire wolves. These newly homeless fire giants have been forced to tramp across the mountains to seek shelter in the stronghol…
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Trespassers on the Borderlands

Trespassers on the Borderlands (scenario) Necromancer Kali-Fel and his entourage of terror endeavor to search the long-ruined wizard's tower for abandoned artifacts that happens to be located on the periphery of the elven realms. The border guards get wind of this incursion and, along with an arcane counselor as escort, seek to discourage the trespassers.

Commentary With this game I initiated friend Bryan into the world of wargaming; we had a good time fighting it out within and around the new ruined tower model I recently had painted and flocked. Kali-Fel and his undead minions succeeded in dispatching with the elven border guard in the end, mostly because those elf archers's arrows were less than effective against the skeletons.

My wife took all of these nifty photos...she doesn't game, but she likes to pop in half way through and try her hand as a war(game) photographer.